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Instagib v1.1 is released! - Mailman - 6-7-2002 4:30pm
This is the moment you've been waiting for! Instagib: SE v1.1 has been released! This version adds Team DM and CTF gameplay modes as well as 4 custom CTF maps including a map by Ratboy and one by Earthling. What are you wainting for? Download it!. Make sure you have the latest Serious Sam: SE patch!

Team Deathmatch in v1.1 - Mailman - 3-1-2002 2:00pm

As you may have heard, Instagib: SE v1.1 will have a Team Deathmatch gameplay mode, and v1.2 will have Capture the Flag gameplay. I am currently deciding how to implement team colored players in the next version. If you'd like a say in this, vote in this poll in our forums

New Forums and League stuff - Mailman - 2-15-2002 5:41pm

Our forums are now up, hosted by Seriously! Just click the link on the side menu and you're on your way.

Also, IGL will be hosting an Instagib ladder in the near future. If you want to show off your gibbing skillz, check them out.

IGL Website

Looking for Servers? - Mailman - 2-15-2002 2:00am

Need a place to play Instagib? Try out these servers:
  • Seriously! Instagib:
  • Gibs R Us Instagib v1.0:
Happy gibbing!

Dedicated Server Tweak - Mailman - 2-10-2002 2:09am

Apparently a script file from SS:FE made its way into the Instagib install. If you are running a dedicated server, copy Dedicated_startup.ini from your base /Scripts folder to your Mods\Instagib\Scripts file. This will decrease the server's memory usage and should speed things up a bit.

Bug Fix - Mailman - 2-8-2002 6:30pm

All players should download this file and place it in their \Mods\Instagib\ folder replacing the file that is already there. This fixes a bug where Instagib will erase your SE quicksaves.

Instagib Released! - Mailman - 2-8-2002 2:55pm

That's right folks! Come and get your free copy of Instagib: SE! You'll need Serious Sam: The Second Encounter to run it. Have fun!

Instagib: SE v1.0 Download Mirrors

Website Up! - Mailman - 12-19-2002 2:10am

I've officially launched the website for Instagib: SE. I've you've played any Instagib mod for another game, you know what this is all about. If not, here's a rundown:

In Instagib, you spawn with a sniper rifle and unlimited ammo. There are no other weapons. The sniper rifle will gib a player in one shot. This mod will use the default DM maps that will come with Serious Sam: TSE. The sniper scope will be disabled to promote faster action gameplay.

This mod will be released a few days (maybe a week if I'm lazy) after Serious Sam: The Second Encounter SDK is made available. Keep checking back!

p.s. This should be an extremely small download due to the fact that very few custom textures are needed (menu, etc.)

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